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Dog handler

The role of the dog handler security guard is a security guard who has to attempt to establish a real team of " Man/Dog " knowing how to optimize the acquired and natural qualities of the dog.
Their mission is to assure the protection of the persons and property on a geographically determined sector by making rounds of surveillance (car park, commercial sites). The qualities combined by the security guard and his/her dog form to make a real team of man/dog

The prevention, thanks to the presence of the guard and dog, increases your security, in particular in the case of a conflicting situation. The dog detects elements which the agent could not perceive while assuring his protection. In case of intervention in hostile environments, the dog can be sent on reconnaissance.

Missions of prevention and security

  • Access control
  • Accompaniment of the staff of the company in sensitive zones
  • Protection of the victim and the security of the zone
  • Surveillance of large public places (car park, station, industrial park)
  • Surveillance of fixed points in the case of works (banks, construction sites)
  • Location security after an emergency intervention (conservation measures)
  • Exceptional Events (concerts, sportive events, exhibitions)
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