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security guards as well as guard dog drivers

The necessary qualities:

  • Show proof of honesty without defect: the security guard has total integrity. He/she is responsible for the location the surveillance of which he assures and dedicates himself completely to this task.
  • Know how to keep calm: a security guard has to have good control of himself and keep his/her composure in any situation: theft, fire, attack, …
  • Be vigilant: the security guard must be attentive and preventive to the minimum of detail and know how to detect suspect changes.
  • To know the material: The security guard must have basic concepts on the various alarms and at monitoring materials (video screen, alarm.).
  • To master basic First Aid: It is necessary to know the basic rules in first aid and the basics for handling the first means of fight against fire.
  • To have good resistance: A security guard passes most of his her day standing upright. He/she must also know how to adapt to shift work: the night or the weekend.

The compulsory requirements:

Not anybody can act as security guard. Since June 19th, 2008, date of the decree bearing approval of a professional qualification in application to the 1st article of the decree no 2005-1122 of September 6th, 2005 concerning the professional capacity of the persons exercising an activity of surveillance and security, transfer of funds and physical protection of persons, To become a security guard, it is necessary to have a professional certificate of qualification called" Agent de Prévention et de Sécurité ": C.Q.P.A.P.S. .”[Professional qualification certificate in Security and prevention