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Mobile Alarm Intervention Unit

Watch over- Intervene - Alert – Report

Our Mobile intervention Unit proposes alarm intervention services and rounds to secure industrial or service industry premises, geographical zones (hotels, manufacturers, suburban, municipalities).
Our guards are accompanied with dogs and with a vehicle Peugeot 207 or 308 identified in the name of the company. They are also recognizable thanks to a uniform marked with our company logo and are equipped with a means of communication : GSM P.T.I. " Position of the Isolated Worker anti-aggression ". Thanks to the Satellite and internet technologies, our vehicles are equipped with a system of geo-localisation followed on Internet, which allows us to optimize our movements and thus our efficiency.

Deterrence rounds

In Elite SECURITE vehicles, mobile security guards make rounds under the control of the Security Operations centre, randomly organized, in accordance to your needs, the patrols allow you to secure your site for an optimal cost. These rounds couple together to form check patrols inside your premises. To guarantee you our work, Rounds are made under the control of an electronic round controller called "Electronic controller security patrol". Therefore a detailed IT report of the rounds will be sent to you at the beginning of each month.

Zone security

For geographical zones or groupings of sites (industrial, suburban parks, municipalities), you can ask for human or material means of security which are then allocated to you. The perfect knowledge our agents have of your zone and the associated risks provides even more successful services.

The setting up of site security

Mobile security guards assure the opening, the closure as well as circuit checks in all types of premises (offices, warehouses, car parks). The services can be personalized according to your site: opening and closure of doors, extinction of lighting sources, alarm system checks and equally the detection of abnormalities or technical failures.

alarm Interventions

From the triggering of your alarm and according to the orders given, your remote monitoring station can decide to activate an intervention. Our Security guards will be immediately contacted and will proceed with as little delay as possible to your property or premises.

As From his arrival, the security guard applies your orders and places the site under security by doing a thorough check of the area: He first makes an outside round with physical checks on all the accessible exits and according to your orders, he then makes a round inside your house or premises. The intervention is dissuasive and limits the damage in case of menace.

You are equipped with a burglar alarm,
linked or not to a remote monitoring station..

After subscription to our Alarm Intervention intrusion Service contract, you can benefit from our knowledge and to help you understand how this works, the following is a list of the stages of an alarm intervention on:

Procedure Progression:

  1. Alarms Intervention triggered: in your absence, intrusion tentative.
  2. The triggering of your alarm which alerts your central remote monitoring office.
  3. The central remote monitoring office alerts Elite Sécurité.
  4. Arrival of the Elite Sécurité Security Guard on the site Rounds completed on the site with physical checks of all accessible exits.

If burglary is witnessed:

  • The alert of police services or the Gendarmerie
  • Contact the tele surveillance agent to report on measures taken and wait for new orders.
  • Implementation of protective measures until the arrival of the customer / or persons appointed by the customer.
  • To put this order into action: guarding, for example

If no infraction is identified:

  • Drafting of a complete and detailed check of the intervention.
  • Contact the tele surveillance agent to report on observations.
  • Deposit of the intervention check in your mailbox
Mobile Alarm Intervention Unit

Mobile Alarm Intervention Unit
Mobile Alarm Intervention Unit