Elite Sécurité


ZAC du Larry
74 200 THONON

TEL +334 50 81 95 80
FAX +334 50 71 33 58

Company Presentation

We give the best of us even beyond your requirements.

Elite SÉCURITÉ is a company specialized in the security of people and properties and proposes many services in order to answer all your needs in the best possible way in the matters of security. Our team consists of professional men and women willing to help you with their knowledge and skills. Our agents follow regular training courses in self-defence in order to guarantee the accomplishment of their mission in accordance to French legislation.


Administrative organisation Elite SÉCURITÉ


Manager / Director Of Operations

+33 685 520 904


Administrative & Financial Director

+33 450 819 580


Administrative secretary

+33 450 819 580

Elite SÉCURITÉ and manager are also empowered by the CNAPS, National Council of Private Security Activities

(decree 99-310 of December 3rd, 1999, revalidation 2004 - decree 2004-811 of April 22nd, 2004, revalidation Code of Interior Security / Book VI - licensure AUT-074-2115-05-27-20150397220) to exercise surveillance and security activities.

The Manager Mr GAGGIOTTI Franck licensure AGD-074-2113-09-08-20140114347

To supply you a quality service and assure your safety and your tranquillity, Elite SÉCURITÉ selects and trains its staff in its image. Therefore, it is for these reasons and to remain faithful to our image, that the recruitment of our staff answers rigorous criteria, confirmed during individual interviews, which allows us to analyze more precisely the motivations, the personalities as well as their social environment of every future collaborator. The follow-up of our staff does not stop at the end of their contracts trial period but indeed during all the duration of their collaboration with Elite SÉCURITÉ!

The recruitment of all our staff is strengthened by an inquiry of morality and the possession of a professional card delivered by the CNAPS. We make sure that each of our agents possesses a clean police record, was recognized capable by the Occupational health service, is well presented and in good physical form.

Elite SÉCURITÉ makes a commitment to respect the punctuality, the clothing dress of their professional agents. For this our agents are recognizable thanks to a security uniform marked with the effigy of our company and are regularly controlled by their area managers by day or night in order to guarantee you a quality of service and for long-term partnership.

We do everything we can for customers who expect the best from us.

Your Safety has a cost which today cannot be neglected. Our profession is more and more regulated and will be more so in the future. In our continual quest to satisfy you, the research for the optimal cost is an area which we do not neglect. But we draw your attention to abnormally low price rates, which should alert you to companies with fraudulent practices the bad image of which could tarnish your reputation.

Current Legislation

Pre-required Obligations: not anybody can act as security guard. Since June 19th, 2008, date of the decree bearing approval of a professional qualification certificate in application of the 1st article of the decree no 2005-1122 of September 6th, 2005 concerning the professional capacity of the persons exercising an activity of security and surveillance, transfer of funds and physical protection of persons, to become a security guard it is necessary to hold a professional qualification certificate entitled “Security and Prevention Agent”: C.Q.P.A.P.S.

Institution of the new compulsory APS Professional ID card:
(decree n°2007-297 of March 5th, 2007 on the prevention of the crime) for MARCH 9TH, 2009.
Private Security is a regulated profession because the companies of this sector propose services which " contribute to general Security" (Law of Programming and orientation relative to the Security of January 21st, 1995). To practice, they must obtain diverse authorizations and respect several legal obligations as detailed in the founding Law of the rights of Private Security (Law of July the 12th, 1983, n°83-629), the adaptations, revisions, as its diverse decrees of application.

The purchasers of Private Security services can be called in co-responsibility towards their subcontractor, and must assure that they have recourse to contractors in perfect accordance to Legislation.